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Wonderful depiction of joyful discovery of a new world!

I particularly like:
her body language,
the very nice floatiness of her dress, and also the chosen dress style,
choice of hairstyle,
the lack of excessive ornamentation (i.e. the simple necklace is enough)
the bright, light swirl of life about her.
And Nemo & Dory, if that is who they're meant to be? I take the other one as Nemo's father, whose name escapes me for now.

For me personally I would have made her hair just a little more loose-floating,
(assuming I could draw that well, which I probably can't).

And something to think about - this is a question, not a definite statement! -
I wonder whether the ocean depths in the background should not be a little darker (=deeper), giving greater contrast, HOWEVER I also wonder whether if you did that you would not lose some of the emotional lightness and joy of the work.

Her expression is beautifully done - with all that we can already see, she is looking at something even more wonderful and delightful, which lifts the whole image a little step higher.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
4 out of 4 deviants thought this was fair.


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